Dia Mundial do Macaco

Dia Mundial do Macaco :

Dani Macaco is one of the most important artists in the Spanish scene and one of the most influential Latin musicians worldwide.

His artistic origins trace back to the fusion of musical styles blended on the streets of Barcelona at the end of the last century. An artistic scene that bred artists as important as Ojos De Brujo, Manu Chao, Amparanoia …

Many prestigious awards confirm this status, reached after his 15 year career, enjoying a unique balance of popularity and communication skills.

Macaco’s sound is unique: A mixture of reggae, rumba and other Latin colors mixed with the energy of the groove, as a result creating great songs with a pop structure that, added to his personal voice, become unmistakable.

Macaco has taken his powerful live show all around the world and participated in the most important festivals in Europe and Latin America,