poema de amor
poema de amor

Poema de amor

The whale

The whale sailed slow beneath the moon,
Its baby by its side,
Crossing oceans three miles deep
And thousands of cold thousands wide.


Glitter on my fingers,
Glitter in my hair,
Glitter on the carpet –
Glitter everywhere!


When I’m in the bath,
I like to play for hours,
Splashing water on the floor,
Building big foam towers.

Racing pigeon

The racing pigeon’s very fast
When chasing after food –
All other birds are pushed aside,
Which is extremely rude.


Here’s a mouse,
Building its house,
A nest in my hair –
Why’s it sleep there?


Little star,
Shining bright,
Went ‘BOO !!’
Gave Moon to fright!


The Leopard’s spots
Can not be caught,
Unlike measles
Which you catch off weasels.

Threw out

I caught an echo on the empty air,
And brought it here for us to share –

The moon

The moon is washing windows,
Dancing off the glass,
Resting on the praying trees
And painting the sleeping grass.

Feeding time

A zooful of children,
Eating food,
Mouths wide open –
Oh, so rude!

Little Dragon

If you see a dragon
Sitting in a boat,
Scare that little dragon
By saying her boat will not float!


Buttercups are yellow,
Grass is a gorgeous green,
The world is bright with color,
Everything wants to be seen!


Puddles splash!
Waves crash!
Rivers run –
Water’s fun!


Bread and butter for my tea,
Slugs and worms for snacks –
I know you do not believe me,
But those are the current FACTS!

Little kitten

Little kitten rolling around,
Chasing a piece of string,
Fluid in its beauty,
Amazed at everything.

Mum’s instructions

Brush your teeth, dear,
Blow your nose,
Clean your shoes
And change your clothes!

Monster Poem

‘Fangs! for the meal, ‘the monster said,
‘Fangs! for the blood and the gore;
‘Fangs! for the screams,
‘Fangs! for the pain –
What a shame that there is not lots more! ‘

The Cat with a smile
The cat with a smile
Will wait for a while,
Cleaning its paws
And sharpening its claws,
Though for what I do not know –
Perhaps it’s just show?
If there’s a mouse nearby
Perhaps it should go …


A hot metal stomach,
Glass to help my eyes,
Electric ears,
It’s also a surprise
To find my feet can spin
And I’ve artificial skin!
Who am I?
It’s you and me – we’re cyborgs!

We can not digest some foods so we have artificial stomachs – saucepans on the stove.
We wear glasses.
We have hearing aids.
We travel in cars and trains.
We wear clothes!


Smile at the rainbow,
Whisper to the sun,
‘It looks like you and the falling rain
Are having a lot of fun! ‘


I’m made of stars,
I come from space,
I’m a member
Of the human race!


A ghost came close,
Ruffled my hair,
Then went ‘Woooh’
Just for a dare!

The Jo-Jitsa

Do not take a picture
Of the Jo-Jitsa,
The flash makes it mighty scared,
It’ll scream with surprise,
Then poke out your eyes,
And your eyes, not your picture, are shared!

Cat Song

The cat was proud, its neck was long,
It’s howly, wincy song
That struck the neighbours in the head –
They wished that blasted cat was dead!


Angel 1 and Angel 2,
Fast asleep in bed –
Tell me, little angels,
What’s in an angel’s head?


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