como hacer una bateria casera de 12v recargable
como hacer una bateria casera de 12v recargable

Como hacer una bateria casera de 12v recargable?

Electrical energy (and the storage of this energy with batteries) has fundamentally changed our society.

The electrical grid is one of the most valuable modern societies (and vulnerable) resources.

So it’s no wonder why we are heavily rely on it.

We use it for everything in modern life from warmth during cold months to cool during hot months.

From entertainment when we’re bored to increased food preservation using refrigeration.

It even takes electrical power to operate fuel pumps.

Fuel pumps that support our mass market food chain.

The very supply chain that fills your local grocery store – daily.

So without grid power, you’re local grocer would quickly become bare.

In such an event (even for a few weeks) life would become a much more challenging endeavor. Millions of people would suffer and societies norms would crumble without the grid.

And that’s in just the first few weeks of widespread grid power loss. A longer disaster without power, the more widespread the suffering and death becomes.

And in the case of an EMP strike, nuclear attacks, or an extreme natural disaster, the grid could become wiped out indefinitely.
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Can You Imagine Modern Life Without The Grid?
It’s scary.

And when it happens, people are going to start hoarding and using batteries like they’re going out of style. All available batteries will vanish from store shelves before you can say “turmoil.”

Because having a battery is like carrying around a little pocket generator. And as we’re all aware, power generation is useful (no matter what form it comes in).

Batteries are used to power any number of important devices like flashlights for illumination, hot plates for cooking, and radios for emergency communication.

Unfortunately, traditional AA or AAA batteries will not last long in a serious emergency.

They will become one of the first resources looted from stores. But even if your lucky and snag a few hundred AA before a disaster, they’re consumable – they will not last forever, right?

Maybe not … later in this article I’ll show you that resource that helps you recondition any of your batteries to resurrect them from the trash heap.
Sure, high-quality batteries tend to have a longer life than cheap ones, but we’re talking a few days or weeks longer – max. Not enough to make a significant difference in a prolonged disaster.

However, just because something is no longer on a shelf, it does not mean it’s not available. The electrical grid might not be working – but electricity can still be generated.

Commercial batteries may be long gone – but that does not mean you can not make a homemade battery!

That’s precisely the purpose of this article. To discuss homemade batteries and how to ‘home-make’ them.

It will not be easy, and they will not generate power like a solar powered generator or DIY generator. But a homemade battery can store the energy generated by your solar powered generator or homemade generator.